Want a Real Estate Career? Become a Tax Sale Overage Recovery Professional, and Work From Home

Published: 21st January 2010
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The real estate industry is a great industry to get into. Sometimes selling real estate as an agent or a broker is a very lucrative direction to head in - if you're in the right location, it always is - but unfortunately, right now, things aren't so bright when it comes to selling homes. Where a lot of money is being created is in the arena of tax and mortgage foreclosure, and there's a lot of opportunity there for anyone looking for a new real estate career.
When tax and mortgage foreclosure auctions happen, generally the property is sold to the highest bidder. If, say, $5,000 were owed in back property taxes to the government, and a bidder came to the auction and paid $20,000 to buy the property, then a $15,000 overage due back to the original (tax delinquent) owner is created.
What's mind-blowing is that frequently, these owners don't realize they are due the money. They may receive a notice at their old address, but few of them still live there. Many are gone, and have been for several years. Many just want to forget the whole thing ever happened. And so, their money sits in the government's hands for a few years, and after that the law dictates that legally the government can keep it. In many cases the owners have no recourse after that point.
So looking for a real estate career? Hook these owners back up with their missing funds, and charge 30-50% for your information and assistance. It's legal - these funds fall outside the laws governing state unclaimed funds - and with the number of foreclosures happening in the current economy, without more people becoming overage recovery specialists, literally billions of dollars will be lost to the government in the coming decades. And since this job can be worked from anywhere in world - every bit of it can be done from your home office - there's really no better time to look into this real estate career move.
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